Sometimes it seems like many years have passed from the moment when abr was founded. And just as it happens with something precious, we would like to remind from where we began and where we are moving to.

abr company was established in 2007 with the opening of Bochonok restaurant. By 2020, the company owns 30 operating restaurants, which overall host about 3 million guests a year.

abr employs over a 1000 people, and together we slowly but surely move towards company’s goals and changes for the better. Although at times they might be complex, but very emotionally and socially significant. I want to share about what is really important to us now: we established this company with a specific purpose- to make life better.

abr is not only a restaurant business, but it is an incredibly subtle and fascinating process, which based on our values and a great goal- to share the taste for life through the taste for food.

I have always believed that it is important to trust your instinct and follow your heart, and I am delighted to know that we share the same point of view with each guest and every member of our team.

Askar Baitassov